Made from highly durable PVC, Cowslips are the original orthopaedic shoes for the treatment of lameness in cattle. Fitted to the healthy claw, Cowslips take the weight off the affected claw, thus alleviating pain and accelerating healing. The cow’s mobility improves, weight is gained and milk yield increases.

Did you know?

Cowslips are the only lameness treatment application which provides increased support for the hoof wall; the chief weight bearing area.
Cowslips glue is mixed in the shoe - no mess, no fuss and no extra equipment necessary.
Cowslips glue dries and fully cures within 4-5 mins.
Cowslips remain in place for 4-6 weeks - they will self-shed or can be removed.


Cowslips are available in 4 sizes, in packs of 4, 10 and 40, and in mixed, left only or right only combinations.

Cowslips Box in 4 Sizes


Suitable for: Jerseys, Guernseys, Heifers & Ayrshires


Suitable for: Holsteins, Friesians & Beef Breeds


Suitable for: Large / abnormal claws & N. American Holsteins

The Doc
The Doc

For use when extra width and length is required. Also suitable for use on bulls.


Please use the links below to view the Cowslips fitting sequence:

  1. The sole and the wall of the hoof must be thoroughly cleaned with a rasp or rotary sander removing all debris and old horn. The claw must be dry.
  2. Trial fit the shoe before applying adhesive. Some trimming of the healthy claw may be necessary.
  3. Put liquid into Cowslips first. Thoroughly mix the adhesive within the shoe to achieve an even paste consistency.
  4. Fit the shoe on healthy claw. Position firmly by tapping the toe of the shoe. NB. This is important to achieve the ideal positioning. Sole of the shoe should be parallel to sole of claw.
  5. Clean off any excess adhesive so that adhesive does not touch hoof/skin junction.
  6. Leave foot in raised position for several minutes until adhesive has set.
  7. Place foot on ground and keep the animal standing for a few minutes.
  8. Animal is now free to walk uninhibited.

Download Fitting Instructions

Cowslips Applied


CowSlips can be easily adapted for the treatment of complicated claw lesions.

Download Modifications Brochure

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