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They don’t stay on?
Have you prepared the hoof properly? Trim the hoof. – new horn must be exposed. Try to avoid using water to clean mud as the hoof may retain moisture if trimmed when wet. If you need to dry the hoof use sawdust or a heat gun.
Mix the glue components in the shoe with the spatula provided and push the shoe onto the hoof. Hold shoe on for three to four minutes. You will be able to feel the heat building as the chemical reaction begins to happen. Tap the shoe with a hammer to ensure that the toe is at the very top. You may use a heat gun again to speed up the curing process.
NB Temperature does not affect the drying process to the same extent as with other glues. Although heat will speed up the curing process, the cold will have a very minimal effect.
Have you kept the foot off the ground for long enough?
If hoof placed on ground too quickly, shoe will fall off in 24 hours. Although full curing process takes up to 24 hours, initial curing takes place in four – five minutes, during which the cow’s foot must be raised off the ground. Then the animal must be kept in the one place, with its foot placed on the ground for a further 5 minutes before being allowed to walk away.
Have you used the correct size?
The shoe will come off if the wrong size is used. Ensure you are not using a shoe that is too large. Refer to Features of Cowslips.
There is not enough powder or liquid?
The quantities have been carefully worked out to ensure maximum adhesion. Individual doses of liquid & powder ensure an optimum mix every time. If too much liquid is added, slows down curing process. If too little liquid is added, only vigorous mixing will work.
The glue is ineffective?
The glue should be the consistency of icing sugar when ready to be placed on the hoof. Do not allow the cow to place its foot on the ground too soon. You will know when the glue has hardened sufficiently because the excess that comes out of the top of the shoe will be hard.
Always hold the shoe on for three to four minutes. Using a heat gun can speed this up. Tap the end of the shoe with a hammer. Our glue only takes four to five minutes to fully cure providing a strong watertight bond.
I prefer blocks?
Blocks tend to come off and you therefore have to fit several before the cow is healed. When a Cowslip is fitted correctly, it will remain in place for four to six weeks allowing the damaged hoof to heal after one application.
Cowslips are the only treatment for lameness that provides adequate support for the hoof wall that naturally supports the majority of the cow’s weight.
Can the Cowslip be reused?
The Cowslip cannot be reused.
As the product is self-shedding it may be difficult to find if it has come off in the fields or milking parlour. Once worn the shoe will have moulded to the shape of the individual animal’s foot and the sole will be worn and uneven.
The adhesive is so strong that it is impossible to remove it completely from the inside of the Cowslip.
Toes of shoes worn through after little wear?
Are shoes the right size?
Are shoes too large?
Have the cows been pulling their toes along concrete?


Will the adhesive dry out the hoof?
It isn’t thought to although if this is a concern the cuff walls can be trimmed before the shoe is attached to the foot. The shoe should be removed every 4-6 weeks.
How long does the glue take to set?
The initial set takes between 30 seconds and 4 minutes and works best in temperatures of above 18 degrees. The final cure process takes up to 24 hours so it is advisable to keep the horse stabled (or at least fairly immobile) until the following day.
Will the hoof wall break when the shoe becomes detached?
Not usually and there will certainly be no more broken horn than would be caused by the nails of a metal horse- shoe.
Will the ends of the shoe interfere with the bulbs of the heels?
This depends on the length cut but the branch ends can be tapered before fitting.
What about wrinkles and gaps between the shoe and the hoof?
This can be avoided by selecting the correct size of shoe. Gaps should be filled with adhesive to stop any dirt working its way into the shoe. It is also possible that you have used too much adhesive.
Can you put HorseSlips on all four feet?
On all four feet or just on the two front or two back legs. Or even just on one hoof for particular therapeutic applications.
How can I ensure the ground is clean before fitting?
Concrete is the recommended surface for applying the shoe but it is also useful to have a piece of cardboard on the ground where the horse can place its foot during the application process.
What can I use to speed up the fitting process?
A heat gun is also very useful in speeding up the drying process in temperatures of under 18 degrees. If desired, you can score the inside surfaces of the shoe to increase the bonding area before applying the adhesive.

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