The HorseSlip is an original design of alternative horse shoe. It comes in a spiral of extruded PVC which can then be measured and cut to fit the hoof accurately. The shoe is then attached using an adhesive, we recommend the use of Equilox II.

The HorseSlip from Giltspur Scientific Ltd has broken the mould. In fact it is not moulded at all but produced using a unique and patented method of spiral extrusion. This award winning innovation design means that all sizes and shapes of hoof can be accommodated at low cost. More importantly as reflected in the design the list of benefits for the horse goes on and on.


To stabilize cracked thin or brittle feet.
On broodmares to minimise likelihood of injury.
In light riding applications.
As an adjunct to the treatment of laminitis.
To treat limb deformities in foals.


HorseSlips are flexible which allows natural foot expansion and blood circulation around the hoof.
HorseSlips do not interrupt natural horn growth.
HorseSlips are cushioning reducing concussion by allowing the hoof to expand naturally.
At the vet or farrier’s discretion, the shoe is easily modified for certain foot conditions.


Read the full instructions before commencing the fitting procedure.
Important factors in achieving consistent adhesion:

  1. It is essential that the hooves are dry and the horse is standing on a clean dry surface.
  2. It pays to take care and time when applying Horse-slips. It is very important to have secure bonding free of air pockets. Pay particular attention at the heels of the hoof as this area is subject to the greatest pressure.
  3. Once the Horse-Slip has been applied, hold it firmly in place for 2-4 minutes (as shown in Step 7 of the fitting guide). Apply self-adhesive wrap before placing the hoof on the ground.
  4. The adhesive continues to cure for several hours and the best results are obtained if the animal is kept indoors for 24 hours.
  5. When fitted correctly using an appropriate acrylic adhesive, Horse-Slips should remain in place for up to 6 weeks.

Download Fitting Instructions


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