Linnodee Bovine Leptospira Hardjo ELISA Kit


Leptospires of the serovar Hardjo are the major cause of Bovine Leptospirosis. These spiral bacteria travel quickly to the uterus, kidneys and udder where they set up localised sites of infection with devastating consequences to herd fertility and production including:

Agalactia and reduced milk production

The infection can slip quietly into the herd through the introduction of carrier animals often exhibiting no clinical signs of infection. Transmission, principally by the shedding of infected urine poses a risk of infection to other animals and to those who work with cattle. Regular screening is vital to disease detection, surveillance and control. Linnodee has developed a rapid, highly sensitive monoclonal antibody capture ELISA, specific to serovar Hardjo-bovis and serovar Hardjo-prajitno which can quickly and safely detect infection and identify carrier animals.

Detects L.Hardjo-specific antibodies in milk and sera
High sensitivity and specificity
Assay time - 80 minutes

Assay Performance Data
% Sensitivity 94.1
% Specificity 94.8
Kappa Index 0.89

Bovine Kits Available
Product code Description No of tests/kit
LBLK01 Linnodee Bovine Leptospira Hardjo ELISA (solid kit) 5 x 96 well solid plates
LBLSK02 Linnodee Bovine Leptospira Hardjo ELISA (strip kit) 2 x 96 well strip plates
LBLSK07 Linnodee Bovine Leptospira Hardjo ELISA (strip kit) 5 x 96 well strip plates

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