Linnodee Bovine Leptostick


Leptostick is a rapid qualitative test which allows testing of individual animals without the aid of laboratory facilities. Leptospiral infection by serovar Hardjo, the only cattle maintained serovar, is devastating to herd fertility and milk production. It can slip silently into the herd through the introduction of purchased carrier animals often exhibiting no clinical signs of infection. Carrier animals are a constant source of direct and indirect transmission principally by contaminating pastures and drinking water with infected urine. Linnodee has developed a rapid, qualitative test to help the veterinarian identify the disease status of animals quickly either on-farm or in the veterinary practice. The test is a monoclonal antibody capture ELISA which detects an antibody response to serovar Hardjo-bovis and serovar Hardjo-prajitno in individual or bulk milk. Each immunostick is sensitised with two antigen spots. The test only requires tap water washings and can be completed in 40 minutes. On completion of the final wash the positive control spot will turn blue. The appearance of a second blue dot will indicate the sample is positive.

Easy to use
No requirement for laboratory equipment
Rapid results
Suitable for individual animal or herd screening


  • Immunostick A: Negative result
  • Immunostick B: Positive Result

Bovine Leptostick

Product code Description No of tests/kit
LLSK04 Linnodee Leptostick - Bovine Leptospira Hardjo Rapid Test 12 Immunostick Tests

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