Linnodee Porcine Leptospira Bratislava ELISA Kit


Leptospira interrogans serovar Bratislava has emerged as a major pig maintained infection worldwide (Ellis, 1992) responsible for serious economic loss. Infections can result in:

Birth of weak piglets of reduced viability or infertility

Diagnosis of Leptospirosis in pigs is extremely difficult, and is usually based on serology using the microscopic agglutination test (MAT) which has a low sensitivity for detecting past or current infection (Ellis et al, 1986 a & b). Leptospires persist in the kidneys and genital tracts of carrier swine and are excreted in urine and genital fluids, enabling transmission to other animals and posing a major occupational risk to human health. Linnodee has developed a highly sensitive competitive ELISA which incorporates a monoclonal antibody specific to serovar Bratislava. Ideal for herd screening, the test can detect infected animals and carrier swine.

Detects L.Bratislava-specific antibodies in serum
Safe and easy to use
Assay time 180 minutes
Suitable for screening large numbers of sera

Assay Performance Data
% Sensitivity 96.1
% Specificity 93.8
Kappa Index 0.89

Porcine Kits Available
Product code Description No of tests/kit
LPLK03 Linnodee Porcine Leptospira Bratislava ELISA (solid kit) 5 x 96 well solid plates
LPLSK08 Linnodee Porcine Leptospira Bratislava ELISA (strip kit) 2 x 96 well strip plates

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