Wrist Protectors

Protective cuffs for wrists and forearms.


Available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large.
Neoprene with a reinforced rubber strip to ensure ultimate protection.
Comfortable, practical and durable.
Machine washable.
For use by farmers, hoof trimmers, farriers and veterinarians .
Also for use in the garden .
Wrist Protectors


I saw the Arm Guards advertised in the RHS Garden Magazine and thought they looked ideal protection while pruning shrubs. I placed my order by phone which was pleasantly and efficiently handled and was delighted to receive them less than 48 hours later.
There's not a lot of difference between S and M, but my sister is looking forward to using the small ones (which were a little tight on me) when she tackles the raspberries!
Valerie Maddison

Wrist Protectors

For use by farmers, hoof trimmers, farriers and veterinarians.

Wrist Protectors

Also for use in the garden.

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